The Human Design Collection

The Vale Laltra Human Design collection encourages you to work with your natural energy for a fulfilling life, leading you in the direction that is right for you.


Each pendant reflects the unique composition of the Human Design chart and uses the power of gemstones to highlight your unique design.


Discover your Human Design type below.

What is Human Design?

Human Design offers a map, that shows how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a way that is in sync with who you are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we experience comfort and acceptance for who we are, instead of chasing who we are not—and we’re able to live out our real purpose in the world.

Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. This shows you what your unique Strategy and Authority is, which can help you to make decisions that are most in line with who you are, ultimately leading you in the right direction.

We are each supposed to be making decisions from a different energy centre, depending on our human design type. Each type shows us where we find our own inner guidance. Understanding ourselves, and how we make decisions, allows us to live a fulfilling life that is working with our natural energy, not against it.

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Then, explore the Vale Laltra pendants designed for your unique design below.


Generators are the life force of the planet, they are the builders. They have a enveloping aura that is constantly pulling life to them. Their Strategy is to respond, as opposed to initiate.They are best when they listen to their sacral respnse to know if they are available to give energy to something or not. If they don't wait and initiate from a mental place, they can end up frustrated and degenerated.


Projectors have a focused aura that gives them the ability to see deeply into others. They wait for recognition and invitation. When they feel appreciated and see, they are our most gifted guides. They are natural at mastering systems. They need to be very discerning about engaging their energy. When they are not focussing on the right people and have not been properly recognised, they can end up bitter and exhausted. They are best when they use their energy correctly and will experience success in life and relationships.


Reflectors have all their centers open. Their aura takes on the energies around them and reflect them.
They have the potential to see what is happening in a way no one else can. Their gift is to read others and their environments. When they are healthy and in the right place, they will experience the wonders and surprises of life. When they are not identifying with what they are mirroring, they can become exhausted and disappointed.


Manifestors are natural initiators. They inform those around them of their decisions before they take action. They can have a closed and repelling aura that can make others feel off balance. They are best when they share with others, which naturally relaxes those around them, removes resistance and allows them to initiate in peace. When they do not inform others, they can end up feeling angry as a result of the resistance they experience.


Manifesting Generators have a sustainable energy and constitute a significant part of the world's workforce. They have a Motor Centre at the throat to easily manifest ideas into action. They are the busiest, have many balls in the air, and nothing seems to move fast enough for them. They are born to "respond" to everything around them. They are best when they are able to be dynamic and manifest projects and outcomes with a burst of energy that keeps on going. Sometimes they try to find the fastest way through, may skip steps to "get it done" and have to go back to fix what they skipped.



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