Mish - Custom Crafted Ring

“This ring is the most important piece if jewellery I own, my family got it made for me by Vale for my 30th birthday and I will keep it forever.”

“It’s 9c gold and textural, with 3 diamonds that were gifted by my friends. It was a really special project because my entire family brought this for me, I hope it’s a ring that stays in my family for a very long time. I loved working with Vale because of the process, it was fun and creative, and Vale was able to give me lots of insight into the properties that diamonds hold as well as meet and exceed my expectations on the final product.“

John - Custom Crafted Ring

"I’ve always collected rocks, stones and gemstone in my travels – so I was really excited to see that Vale Laltra used a range of gemstones in their designs. I’ve collected stones from Iceland, Scottland, South America and parts of Australia – so having the opportunity to work closely with stones and gain a deeper understanding of their meaning was really exciting for me."

"I work in design, so it was also important to me to be able to customise my special piece of jewellery and be involved in the design process – Vale was so professional and worked hard to provide me with options and answers."

"Vale took the time to understand what gemstone properties would benefit being with me all the time, it was very meaningful to have this well considered prescription and sentiment in the process. We ended up using Sunstones to help with self confidence, Aquamarine to help with clear communications and speaking from the heart and Citirne which is a highly creative stone that helps to encourage flow of ideas as well as remove creative blockages."

"I could never have found a piece of jewellery with so much meaning, using the Vale Latra custom service was such a special process."


Anna - Remodeled Wedding Ring

"When I met Vale I felt confident that she was the right person to redesign my wedding ring. It was a big deal for me to have it remodelled to suit my current style, but Vale made the process easy and enjoyable. 

I loved her approach with providing initial sketches, then mock ups before making the final product. The finished result was stunning and better than I imagined! Thank you so much Vale!!! <3"