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2x2mm square 1.5mm round cut

Manifesting Generators are Generators that have a connection to a defined throat/manifesting center. They’re a hybrid of the Generator type and the Manifestor type. Essentially becoming a Manifestor in waiting—able to initiate and make things happen easily, but only after listening to a gut response.

With this connection, Manifesting Generators can initiate more than the average Generator and get new projects started with enthusiasm. Manifesting Generators can be a hybrid of a steady, determined worker and a pioneer forging new paths.

For Manifesting Generators there's an added process for initiating. Moving forward happens in two phases. First, there's a gut response to something outside of themselves that says "yes." Then, once they get started and taste the action, there's a moment of truth. Do I want to continue on?

Manifesting Generators are multi-passionate people who like to do lots of different things all at the same time. Manifesting Generators are meant to give energy to what is calling them most at the moment and know that when they start to feel resistance to something, it’s time to move on.

The Manifesting Generator path is the least linear of all the energy types because they are made to do lots of different things in this lifetime.

Pendant is 2cm wide, 3cm long.
Boston Round Silver chain 40cm long.
Box chain in Gold option.

Delivery time

Each piece is individually made to order so please allow 1-4 weeks for production.

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Care Instructions

Soak your piece in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth or use a jewellery polishing cloth to help maintain shine.

Use Silver Cloth to renew brilliance and shine.

Gold plated jewellery will naturally fade over time due to the different levels of acid and salt of the skin. To lengthen the lifetime of your piece, avoid wearing when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, using aggressive cleaning products or exercising. Use a soft and dry microfiber or 100% cotton cloth to clean, buff gently. Do not use jewellery cleaner or a polishing cloth on your piece as this will take off the 18k gold layer. We can easily replate at a small cost.