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  • REFLECTOR - vale laltra
  • REFLECTOR - vale laltra
  • REFLECTOR - vale laltra
  • REFLECTOR - vale laltra
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vale laltra


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2x2mm square 1.5mm round cut

Reflectors are the rarest of the Human Design types making up only 1% of the population. They are the ultimate chameleons—able to be everything and anything they desire. Following what lights them up and excites them at any given moment allows them to feel surprised and delighted by life.

Reflectors are the seers of the design types able to see and perceive the world around them and reflect it back to others. The Reflector is a truthteller, showing the other types how well and healthy their environment is at any given time.

The magic and brilliance of Reflectors lives in their adaptability and the open-ness within their energy field allowing them to fully feel and experience what surrounds them.

With no energy centers or channels defined within their chart, they are open to receiving and experiencing their environments fully. Because of this, Reflectors are very sensitive to their surroundings and absorb the energy of the spaces they’re in. Reflectors magnify their environments whether it be a city, office, gathering, or home.

In order to remain physically healthy, Reflectors must be ruthless curators of the company they keep and the places they spend their time.

Reflectors are meant to thrive off of a healthy community and are at their best when they are being surprised and delighted by sampling the energies of the other types. Alone time is equally important to pull away from other people to empty out their energetic field and return to their own natural rhythm.

Reflectors are ruled by the moon. When making big decisions, it’s best to wait 28 days as a Reflector’s perspective changes depending on where the moon is. Waiting a whole moon cycle allows them to see how they feel once they’ve moved through the ups and downs and changing tides.

Pendant is 2cm wide, 3cm long.
Boston Round Silver chain 40cm long.
Box chain in Gold option.

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Care Instructions

Soak your piece in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth or use a jewellery polishing cloth to help maintain shine.

Use Silver Cloth to renew brilliance and shine.

Gold plated jewellery will naturally fade over time due to the different levels of acid and salt of the skin. To lengthen the lifetime of your piece, avoid wearing when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, using aggressive cleaning products or exercising. Use a soft and dry microfiber or 100% cotton cloth to clean, buff gently. Do not use jewellery cleaner or a polishing cloth on your piece as this will take off the 18k gold layer. We can easily replate at a small cost.